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The House of HIdalgo

Welcome to the Official page of the House of Hidalgo. We are surrendered sons of YAHUAH given to following His Divine Will. Therefore we have entered Covenant with God to establish His kingdom here on earth. We hold the name of Hidalgo to represent the legacy that God has called us to as tribal leaders. We come together under God’s Natural Law to live our lives before Him with great joy and love. Join us as we walk out our journey and enter the house of hidalgo.

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Eugene Richard Hidalgo, Pastor

Meet the Hidalgo’s

Eugene Richard Hidalgo

Office of Pastor

Ruth Ann Hidalgo

Office of Minister

Anthony Richard Hidalgo

Minister or Reconciliation

Joshua Gabriel Hidalgo

Minister of Reconciliation

We Are The House of Hidalgo
Left to Right and Top to Bottom: eugene richard, ruth ann, anthony richard, joshua gabriel,
luis humberto, david theophilus, chenaniah rae, and samantha eve of the house of hidalgo.

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