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Welcome to our Faithful Assembly! We are surrendered sons of YAHUAH given to following His Divine Will. Therefore we have entered Covenant with God to accomplish His works here on earth. We, His surrendered bondsmen, represent the legacy that God has called us to as His Creation. We come together under God’s Natural Law to live our lives before Him with great joy and love. We forever praise our Lord and King YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH.

Latest News

4-13-2015, 5-7-2015

Please pray with us as we are looking at purchasing a building that will become the new home for Sovereign Love Free Church. We are unable to provide details as it is a very confidential negotiation but we can say it is a beautiful building with much potential in the Country.

Eugene Richard Hidalgo, Overseer

Meet the Leadership

Eugene Richard Hidalgo

Office of Bishop

Office of Overseer

Ruth Ann Hidalgo

Office of Successor

Office of Deacon

We Are The Hidalgo’s
Left to Right and Top to Bottom: eugene richard, ruth ann, anthony richard, joshua gabriel,
luis humberto, david theophilus, chenaniah rae, and samantha eve of the house of hidalgo.

Anthony Richard Hidalgo

Minister of Reconciliation

Joshua Gabriel Hidalgo

Minister of Reconciliation

Samantha Eve Hidalgo

Minister of Reconciliation

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Public Disclosure To Regulators

This Assembly should not be misconstrued as a 501 (c)3 entity registered under the Laws of the United States or South Dakota or presumed as a Private Association of any kind. Sovereign Love Free Church is an unregistered Assembly operating privately under the laws of Nature and of Natures God. Please refer to 26 USC 508 (c)1 (a) and herein be noticed of our MANDATORY EXEMPTION from the need to file any filing with the State of South Dakota or the United States.


This Assembly exercises its inherent Rights and accepts the protections of the 1st - 10th Amendments original amendments circa 1791 of the Constitution of the United States of America.


BE ADVISED that this Assembly operates outside of the “ten miles square” corporate United States.